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Pediatric Physical Therapy 

For Infants, Toddlers and Beyond
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Why Wise Little Movers- Physical Therapy?

We believe in true early intervention. This means, when you have a concern, you deserve to get answers right away. Not in 2 months because you’re waiting for insurance authorizations, meetings, paperwork or referrals to occur.

The system does not always work in favor of our kiddos, and it’s nothing short of frustrating. We have seen that firsthand, and are working to build a therapy world where parents can get help right away. What a sense of relief to know what’s going on with your baby, and the exact steps to help! 


Wise Little Movers – Physical Therapy specializes in promoting pediatric development through play to allow babies and children to reach their max potential. We perform in-home, community-based or virtual sessions, with emphasis on parent training and education. 

Kids Running


Proven and Professional



CFT- Gillespie Approach

CFT is a manual based bodywork for infants and toddlers who experience tension related to traumas, strain or injury. 

Boy Playing with Abacus


Patient-Centered Treatment Unique To Your Child

We come to you! Whether it be in your home, at the park, or at your child's daycare, let us bring our expertise to you. We participate with Babynet!



Allowing You The Ultimate Flexibility And Accessibility To Services

This is the perfect option for those immunocompromised patients, the busy families who have other children to juggle, or families who live in harder to access areas. Our virtual platform makes it easy to access therapy services when your busy schedule makes things seem impossible!

                    Mom of L.M. 

"Wise Little Movers really helped my daughter to start walking and build her own confidence. Savannah has taught so many important skills to my daughter and I'm very thankful for that."
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